The BSB becomes a UNICEF ally

BSB Unicef ally

The British School of Barcelona and UNICEF have signed a collaboration agreement which recognises our educational centre as a Escola Amiga d´ UNICEF (UNICEF ally).

Through this agreement our school commits to incorporating in its programme the promotion and protection of children´s rights and to celebrate the international Day for Children every year in November.

“At UNICEF we´re very happy because our great family is expanding with the incorporation of The British School of Barcelona as a ´Escola Amiga d´UNICEF. It is an honour to have such an ally in our mision to defend children´s rights” said María Mur Duat, Head of Cooperation and Academic Alliances at UNICEF Spain, during the signing of the agreement.

Our schooll will participate actively in those fundraising campaigns and awareness programmes designed by Unicef to support their international cooperation projects. This will also include emergency actions organised by Unicef around the world to help children in areas devastated by conflict or natural disasters.

‘We are very pleased to have signed this agreement with UNICEF, as we are strongly committed to the active promotion of children’s rights here and abroad. This is a great day for BSB!’, explained our Headmaster, Dr Josep González.