Diego, BSB Scholar 2014-2016

Diego in Year 12 has been awarded this year’s BSB Scholarship for all-round excellence after a challenging application process in which a total of 15 students participated.

The assessment panel, chaired by our Headmaster and the Head of Sixth Form, assessed the applications against a highly demanding set of criteria and they were pleased to see that the field was so strong.

Given the nature of the BSB Scholarship, candidates had been requested to submit a number of documents to support their application, including academic references, school reports, and evidence of personal interests and achievements. Since the Scholarship focuses on all-round excellence, students were also asked to enclose a written statement emphasizing those significant co-curricular accomplishments which might make their application unique.

In addition, they all had to go through a panel interview where they were assessed in terms of academic potential and intellectual curiosity. From this interview the panel expected to find out more about their personal statement, learn about their experience beyond the syllabus, and ascertain their capacity to engage in substantive conversation. To this end, they were asked to discuss issues related to medical ethics, art, history, politics, science, literature or technology, among other areas.

According to Dr González, our Headmaster, “Diego could hold an intellectual conversation at a very high level, pursuing special areas of interest such as drama and philosophy. He was able to convey abstract ideas and to express his opinions in a confident and clear manner. He proved to be very good at thinking on his feet, and seemed to enjoy thought-provoking conversations.”

About the BSB Scholarship for Excellence

BSB Scholarships reward all-round excellence as reflected in pupils’ academic and/or personal ambition, independence of thought and learning, enthusiasm to work beyond the syllabus and/or commitment to co-curricular activities. The scholarship covers 25% of the tuition fees over two years.


For further information about the BSB Scholarships, follow this link:

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