Year 3 archaeological visit at the Egyptian Museum of Barcelona

As part of the activities of this term’s topic, Amazing Egyptians and The Savage Stone Age, our Year 3 students visited the Archaeological Campus at the Egyptian Museum of Barcelona. This is a study program focusing on the archaeological excavations of various Egyptian sites that have been recreated at life size.

The day was a great success where the children got to be archaeologists for the day. On arrival they split into groups and were taken to a dig site. They then had to uncover the ancient artefacts that were buried there.

Over the course of the morning they found (among other things) a sarcophagus, canopy jars, paints, games, mummies and jewellery. The monitors on the day explained the function and story behind everything that the children discovered.

After the dig they found the sealed entrance to an Egyptian tomb. As a team they cleared the entrance and descended into the dark tomb to find a cavern covered in hieroglyphics and Egyptian images.

It was on the whole a very educational day where children could gain farther knowledge of some aspects of life in Ancient Egypt, as well as develop discovery & research techniques, and team work.

Everyone came back having had a very exciting and enjoyable day.