BSO Conference in Hong Kong

The third annual conference of schools successfully inspected against the UK DfE standards for British Schools Overseas was held in Hong Kong on 27th and 28th November 2014.

The conference, attended by our Headmaster, welcomed representatives from British schools in Kuwait, Japan, Egypt, Vietnam, Malaysia, Bahrain, Qatar and Kazakhstan, among other countries. It was opened by Frances Moffat-Kouadio (UK Trade Commissioner to Hong Kong) together with Jackie McHanwell (Assistant Director from the UK Department for Education).

There were a number of interesting seminars on a range of topics going from the use of pupil voice to shape school development to the promotion of global citizenship and democratic values through our programmes. Most importantly, the principals of the leading schools participating in the conference discussed key educational developments, including the relevance of encouraging growth mindsets among our pupils, staff and parents in the context of John Hattie’s theory of ‘visible learning.’

Heads visited Kellett, an outstanding school in Hong Kong, and they agreed to set up a formal BSO society to develop an academic network capable of creating and debating new research into learning and becoming a voice to the UK government.

According to Dr Josep González, our Headmaster, ‘it is crucial that BSB is present at such key international events so that we can help shape the future of a truly international British education.’

BSO conferences have previously been held in Abu Dhabi (2012) and Barcelona (2013), when our school acted as a proud host to a wide range of international schools.