A relaxing Yoga Fun Saturday

Last 29th of November, families had the chance to enjoy a relaxing yoga experience during the first BSB Fun Saturday of this academic year.

“Yoga for Families” was a 3-hour workshop led by Eva Guirado, a certified yoga teacher by the Spanish Yoga Practitioners Association (AEPY). It gathered over 25 parents and children, who could experience together the many benefits of the yoga practice.

The session was broken into different pieces, including warm-ups, yoga postures (asana) breathing techniques (pranayama), songs (kirtan), concentration and visualizations. Through game playing techniques, parents and children engaged in these activities focusing on physical and energetic aspects aimed to develop coordination, emotional well-being, self-consciousness and security.

According to Eva “We invited parents to become children during the session, so that they could learn with and from their kids, and fully benefit from the advantages of doing yoga as a family.”


About the BSB Family Club

The BSB Family Club consists of a wide range of family-friendly activities specially designed by the educational team for families and children to learn together while having fun.

Our Fun Saturdays sessions encourage relatives and friends to participate in the children’s learning. They are available to all families whether or not they are existing members of the BSB. The activities are suitable for families with children aged 3-8 years old.

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