Learning divisions can be fun!

On Thursday, 29th January, parents joined us for the Parent Workshop “Dread Division? We can help!”, one of our scheduled Family Club activities.

A hard working group of parents attended this session with their children to learn the division methods that we currently teach at The British School of Barcelona, as well as how they can be applied to solve division word problems.

First, Ms Dean, Deputy Head of Early Years and Primary, explained the main purpose of this session, namely to develop understanding of what division means and help the parents practise division the way that it is taught here (following the British National curriculum, which is different to the methods taught in other countries). She also introduced some basic division vocabulary that they should be using to reinforce the concepts of division at home, and emphasized the importance of knowing the times tables in order to understand division and to be able to divide quickly.

Then, she engaged parents in a number of fun and interactive activities where they could manipulate some of the pictures and objects used to solve divisions. She also provided them with a few handy hints to help them internalise these new methods and vocabulary, thus making it easier for them to help their children with their homework.

The evening proved to be very enjoyable for everybody. “We had fun learning and actually doing some division in the workbooks!”, said Ms Dean.


About the BSB Family Club

The BSB Family Club consists of a wide range of family-friendly activities specially designed by the educational team for families and children to learn together while having fun.

Parent Workshops are interactive workshops for BSB parents related to specific aspects of their children’s education. The activities are suitable for families with children aged 3-14 years old.

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