The spirit of Carnival takes over the BSB!

Funny hats and wigs, fantasy glitter makeup, colourful fancy dresses… In February the spirit of Carnival took over the BSB!!

Carnival arrived first at the Early Years and Primary classrooms. The King of Carnival had asked our students to wear something different every day: A funny hat on Monday, something green on Tuesday, a wig on Wednesday, something too big on Thursday… The children loved it and it was great fun to see them walk around in their funny costumes in their daily school activities.

Then on Friday the whole school came together in the gym for the annual Carnival and costume contest. It was time for the most powerful superheroes and the worst villains ever to come into play! From the Marvel fictional universe countless Spidermen, Ironmen, Captains America and Wolferines showed their best. From DC Comics, the ubiquitous Supermen shared parade with Batmen and Catwomen. And the most admired Star Wars Yoda and Luke Skywalker also competed with their antagonist Darth Vader for the best costume award.

On Sunday the “Brits” joined in the Sitges Carnival parade, the greatest Carnival show in the Garraf area!!! The BSB float marched through the streets and promenades of Sitges pulsing to the beat of samba. 70 students from Years 5 to 8, including the Samba Band, dressed in glittery gold outfits after “A Chorus Line”, one of the most successful musicals of all time, impressed us all with the glamour and rhythm of their spectacular golden samba show.

Much appreciation for Eva, the Year 13 student who really makes this show work! Eva has been organizing this spectacular event for four years in a row. The Dance Club Society, an enrichment co-curricular club running each Wednesday lunchtime, had been working on this since September and Eva was clearly at the heart of every decision, from music and choreographies, to sparkling costumes and makeup styling. The BSB will certainly miss her huge contribution to this event as she leaves the school to study International Relations in London next year.

Also worth mentioning is the Samba Band, an enrichment club of Primary and Secondary students. They made a hair-raising performance of “BSB Samba”, the musical arrangement created by Mr Voskens, our Samba/Drum teacher, with surdos, caixas, repeniques, agogos and tambourims.

All the students performed beautifully on the “Brits” float in the Sitges Carnival parades held on Sunday morning and Tuesday afternoon, and were broadcast in the main national and local TV stations –TV3, TV1, TV2 and Canal Blau TV, Garraf County Television, a well-deserved award for such an extraordinary amount of enthusiasm, dedication and effort!

Congratulations to all of them and a big thank you to all the teachers who also helped this happen! Mr Cook, Mr Gross, Mr Hebden, Mrs Hughes, Mrs Oxberry and Mrs Serra.

We are already looking forward to next year!!