Learning through theatre: “The Ugly Ducking” show

Our students in Early Years had a wonderful time yesterday morning during the performance of “The Ugly Duckling”, Hans Christian Andersen’s popular fairy tale, skillfully presented by The Tale Teller, an interactive theatre company specializing in theatre shows for schools.

After a warm-up activity during which the storyteller elicited farm animals, colours and sounds from our Nursery and Reception children, she depicted in a fun and dynamic way the story of The Ugly Duckling’s personal transformation from a character overcoming a challenge and miraculously arriving at a happy ending. Using the power of story, music, props, images, dance and repetition to aid understanding, she played the role of different characters -Mummy Duck, Ugly Duckling, Mr Mush and many others- while entertaining and encouraging the children to participate by answering questions and singing along.

This tender tale of self-discovery taught our children about difference and acceptance; that is, how to accept one another no matter how different we might appear, and the importance of kindness to others, regardless of their appearance and beliefs. The teachers ended the session by emphasizing that it is actually an excellent thing to be different and have one’s own personality. The children looked delighted.