“Giving Monday” at the BSB

On Monday, 9th February, the BSB staff were pleased to support two very different fundraising events

In primary , Year 3 children, led by Ms Lowe, Ms Davies and Mr Gross, decided to fundraise to help improve living conditions for some of the poorest families. They have been studying the topic of India this term and having learnt that some children have poor and unhygienic sanitary conditions, they chose to hold a non-uniform day on Monday to raise funds for a charitable project. Children could wear their own clothes all day and, if they wished, make a voluntary contribution towards building a new sanitary and safe toilet block in a school in India (an initiative of the Toilet Twinning organization). They also invited the BSB teachers, Administration staff and parents to collaborate with their objective. Although they aimed to raise 300 euros (the cost of a toilet block), they actually succeeded in raising over 700! This will help build at least two school blocks of toilets in India. Well-done Year 3 Team and children!

On the same day, some students from Year 7 held a fundraising activity for UNICEF. They opted for a cake-selling event and walked around the school offering cakes, muffins and delicious brownie lollipops to all the staff members. This event is part of the regular school campaigns to achieve economic resources for cooperation programs of UNICEF. As a school friend of UNICEF, the BSB is committed to protecting and supporting the children´s rights in educational practice. Thank you, Y7 children for this too!

About Toilet Twinning

Toilet Twinning is an organization committed to raising funds to enable people living in poor communities to have clean water, a decent toilet, and to learn about hygiene – a vital combination that prevents the spread of disease, reduces the number of deaths among children, and brings hope for the future: Parents are able to work in their fields and grow crops; children are able to go to school and get an education.

About the BSB and UNICEF Alliance

Since May 2013 The BSB is a school friend of UNICEF (Escola Amiga d´UNICEF) and as such is committed to promoting and protecting children´s rights, and to celebrating the International Day for Children every year in November.

More information about this alliance:

The BSB becomes a UNICEF ally