Spectacular Saint Ann’s High School Chorus perform at the BSB

Over 50 members of Saint Ann’s High School Chorus performed at The British School of Barcelona last week as part of their annual European tour. All the way from Brooklyn, New York, the young singers had an extremely busy week in Spain, with live performances scheduled in Avila on the 8th, Alcalá de Henares on the 10th, Castelldefels on the 12th and Girona on the 13th, just before flying back home on Monday, 15th.

At the BSB the choristers, all dressed in black, entertained and musically conquered Key Stage 3 students with a first-class performance where the whole balance and blend of voices was sublime from beginning to end.

The selection at the concert included pieces of European sacred choral music in old French, Latin and Hebrew; Afro-American spirituals, and even popular Broadway songs, with a piano as the sole instrumental accompanist in concert. Under the direction of renowned choir director Jason Asbury, the choristers´ voices showed their range in songs such as “O Magnum Mysterium”, “Hold on!”, “A Red, Red, Rose” and “Hosanna, Hosanna”.

The choral recital was rounded off with a strong performance of the moving ‘Down in the River to Pray’ during which choristers engaged the audience in clapping along to the rhythm. This was indeed a truly outstanding performance that won the hearts of everyone in the Theatre.

Mr Hebden, Music Teacher and Head of Creative and Physical Education, and main coordinator of this event, was very pleased with the outcome. “As part of the UK national curriculum students are encouraged to meet other musicians, music schools and organisations to listen to live music. It definitely links with the vocal work we do in class and sets role models for the students. Although it is a music-based activity, it also helps students develop good musical and social habits, which absolutely fit our overall educational goal.” An added, “Our students really enjoyed it! Both the music and meeting the students in the choir.”

Visits like these are common at the BSB. Last October we also welcomed the Australian Girls Choir, and we take pride in recommending our school as a cultural performance venue.

About Saint Ann’s High School Chorus

Conducted by Jason Asbury, High School Chorus sings repertoire from a variety of genres and styles, spanning 500 years of Western music. All students are welcome to join regardless of previous singing experience. The chorus usually travels during the February break on an international concert tour and all enrolled singers are eligible to participate.