The BSB goes skiing!

Every year at this time, just before the Half Term Holiday, some of our students take part in the school ski trip. This year 35 students from Primary and Secondary groups have travelled together to La Cerdanya accompanied by their teachers, Ms Manley, Mr Jansà and Ms Girvan, and also the Head of Secondary, Mrs Hughes.

The aim of this out-of-classroom activity was to give the children the opportunity to experience a new sport or develop existing skills. In addition, however, the trip contributed significantly to personal and social development, health and fitness, environmental awareness, and the opportunity to set and achieve personal goals as well. It was also the perfect time for children from Years 5-10 to work and travel together and learn from each other.

This recreational trip fits many goals of our curriculum, actually. Mrs Hughes agrees, “It is part of our work towards developing the whole child, not just an academically successful student”. This certainly supports our objective to promote all-round excellence in academic, sporting and cultural pursuits, which is one of the main pillars of the BSB Enrichment Programme.

The students enjoyed three days of skiing in La Masella and stayed at a lodge in Puigcerdà. Several extra activities took place off the slopes, such as ice skating, a walking visit to Puigcerdà and a cinema evening.

Of course, the students’ feedback was always very positive. “They make great progress as they have ski lessons for five and a half hours everyday. They really enjoy being away from school and living with fellow pupils from different year groups. It is the only residential where children from Primary go away with children from Secondary school and as such it is invaluable for them”, Mrs Hughes was glad to say. And she added, “It is such a great experience for them as they learn to adapt to the needs of others and I am always so proud of the way the work together as a team.”