BSB students excel at local swim meet

On Saturday, 28th February, our students participated in the Local Schools Swimming competition at Can Roca Sports Club in Castelldefels. There were two swimming categories for each gender based on chronological age: Benjamin (Year 4 & 5) and Infantil (Year 8 & 9). They also competed on two different distances, short course (25 metres) and long course (50 metres), according to their year-group.

The students could choose the two swimming styles they felt more confident with, including breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle. Most of the Benjamin participants signed up for breaststroke and freestyle, while the Infantil swimmers preferred freestyle and backstroke as a second style option.

More than 120 boys and girls took part in the competition, especially in the Year 4 & 5 age range. The British School of Barcelona entered a swimming team of 19 students, 14 boys and 5 girls. Our young students proved to be highly competent swimmers as they excelled in most categories and styles.

“The British School of Barcelona has been participating in the Local Schools Swimming competition for over 20 years. It is a great opportunity for the students to feel proud representing their school in a sport they enjoy and excel in”, Mrs Serra, PE Teacher, said.

Mrs Serra and Ms Manley would like to congratulate all the students who took part in the competition and the parents for supporting this event. The winners will receive their medal at the Jocs Escolares prize-giving ceremony on Friday, 8th May at Can Roca Sports Club.


Swimming School Games 2015 BSB Medal Winners

Benjamin, 25m freestyle


Ivan, 1st position, 17´´53

Mark, 2nd position, 17´´69


Infantil, 50m freestyle


Fraya, 1st position, 35´´65

Claudia, 2nd position, 40´´97

Valeria, 2nd position, 42´´53


Alex, 2nd position, 38´´72

Valeri, 3rd position, 39´´93


Benjamin,25m breaststroke


Daisy, 2nd position, 26´´75


Marc, 1st position, 23´´07

Ivan, 2nd position, 23´´89

Mark, 3rd position, 24´´40


Infantil, 50m breaststroke


Fraya, 1st position, 45´´06


Artur, 1st position, 53´´07


Infantil, 50m backstroke


Claudia, 1st position, 46´´25


Alex, 3rd position, 47´´66