Welcoming parents on Open Day

We were delighted to welcome parents and accompanying guests on our Spring Open Day last Saturday morning. It was again a great opportunity to interact with parents in a friendly and informal atmosphere as well as provide extensive information on the school’s curriculum and educational philosophy.

We were proud to entertain more families than ever before, a positive signal that supports the quality of our educational system and does our school credit.

Mrs Martínez (Admissions Officer) welcomed parents in our theatre where they were treated to tea, coffee and homemade cakes. Then the Senior Leadership Team explained our academic and co-curricular programmes and gave information on a wide range of areas, from subject content and teaching methodologies, to university opportunities and challenges. They also elaborated on our Enrichment Programme reinforcing our holistic approach to ensure students’ academic and personal development. Dr González (Headmaster) wrapped up the session by focusing on the three main pillars underpinning the school ethos, namely academic ambition, international-mindedness and all-round excellence.

Parents greatly appreciated the tour of the school, which included the library, science labs, sports courts and music department. This allowed families to see our state-of-the-art facilities and raise many interesting questions on a more personal level. The tour also provided valuable insight into what parents consider to be the main assets of the school: BSB’s 50-year history, an all-through education, British curriculum, international environment, high academic standards and supportive atmosphere.

About the BSB Open Days

The BSB holds two Open Days every year. In addition, we have an open-door policy so all families are more than welcome to arrange an appointment with our Admissions Officer to have a personal interview and visit the school. Appointments with Mrs Martínez can be made by telephone, by filling in the contact form on this website and also via e-mail at info@bsb.edu.es.