Ms Dean and Ms McMillan deliver English teacher training programme in Chile

Ms Dean, Deputy Head of Early Years and Primary, and Ms McMillan, teacher of Early Years, were invited to deliver training for the English teachers of the Cognita Schools in Chile last week.

A recent survey from Educational Testing Service (ETS) has revealed that the level of English attained by Chilean students falls below the expected average in developed countries. Consequently, Cognita carried out a thorough review of their schools’ English language learning and development framework in the early years of school, and decided to implement an increased English programme for young children during the upcoming academic year. To help launch this ambitious project, two of our Early Years staff were asked to deliver guidance in learning for the early years teachers in the 9 Cognita Schools in Chile.

48 teachers from all over the country attended this 5-day training, during which Ms McMillan and Ms Dean shared a selection of ideas, experiences, resources and good practice. They also explored the key principles behind effective learning in the Early Years context and how this could be adapted to the schools in Chile.

Teachers attending these hands-on sessions are already making good use of the training for the benefit of the children in their classes. Their positive feedback -“I feel really motivated”, “I feel more secure now about my class management”, “Our lessons can be more motivation, interesting and fun because of this training”, “I will be more aware of the different levels of the children when preparing my lessons”- make us feel confident of the success of this programme.

Ms Dean was featured in the national newspaper “El Mercurio”. Please visit this link to read more on her views on language acquisition during the early stages: