Year 5 visits the Gaudí Centre Reus

Year 5 is currently studying Antoni Gaudí, the world-famous architect, as part of their Art unit on colour. They have been studying colour throughout this term and how it has been used to create different results in artistic pieces and by different artists. Their visit to the Catalan genius’ home town, Reus, and his tribute Centre has been a step forward in their curriculum as they now start creating mosaics in class using inspiration from Gaudí’s artistic works and nature, hence linking to their Geography topic this term of ‘What a Wonderful World!’

The trip included a guided tour of the historic sites and monuments of Reus, and an educational tour of the Gaudí Centre. First, the students learnt about the heritage of the city, which still preserves the memory of the places frequented by the young architect during the sixteen years he lived there before leaving for Barcelona. They also visited some of the most emblematic buildings, such as the priory church of Sant Pere, where he was christened, and had the opportunity to climb up the bell tower, which the children found amazing!

They then had a tour of the Gaudí Centre and learnt about Gaudí’s early life and about his visionary architecture. Here the students could experience, see and touch the peculiar world of Gaudí with each of their five senses, bringing them closer to the figure and the works of the genius as well as of Catalan Modernism.

Ms Ridley, one of our Year 5 teachers, feels confident with the pedagogical effect of this type of field trip activities, as they help complement and reinforce the school curriculum, whilst also providing an ideal way to encourage students to have fun while learning. She said, ‘We went on this trip last year and certainly plan to go next year. The children really enjoy the interactive elements of the centre and love getting hands on with the sculptures.’