New ways of learning about marine life

This term in Reception our children are investigating life under the sea. They have been learning about the habitats of sea creatures, warm and cold water fish, and what different aquatic animals like to eat. To support and consolidate their learning on this topic they visited L’Aquàrium de Barcelona last week, a trip they had been longing for ”as they were so excited about the sharks!”, Ms Jackson, one of their teachers said.

The trip consisted of a black light theatre production called “A trip to the country of Marmara”, which depicts the story of Mariel, a child who has lost her imaginary fish, Marmara, and is going to look for it in all of the world’s seas. On this trip, she will experience amazing adventures and discover what life is like at the bottom of the sea. By participating in this activity, children could observe living beings in an imaginary world, identify their characteristics and learn how they adapt to their surroundings. It was indeed a magnificent setting in which to raise the pupils’ awareness of the importance of respecting nature and the need to conserve the marine environment.

The play was followed up by an educational guided tour of the Aquàrium, where the children were introduced to the fascinating underwater world. Here they could observe, learn and understand the bottom of the sea as they toured the Mediterranean and tropical aquariums, and the Oceanarium. The accompanying tour guides told them about the marine environment and the animals that inhabit it through questions, explanations and observations that helped arouse the children’s curiosity. It was a great opportunity for them to see the sea creatures they had been learning about in real life.

“All of the children thoroughly enjoy this trip”, Ms Jackson went on to say. “After the trip we discuss the children’s experiences of the Aquàrium and which sea creatures they like seeing the most. It also acts as a stimulus for emergent writing. It really works so well from a pedagogical point of view that we organize this trip every year.”