Nursery children enjoy animal farm trip

Last Monday our Nursery children went on a day trip to Can Rigol Farm as part of their topic on ‘Animals.’ Can Rigol is an authentic farmhouse built in the 13th century, which is located at the heart of Begues, in the Garraf area. It has been restored and now it offers an ideal venue where young children can experience a glimpse into life on a country farm, and learn about farm animals and the products they produce.

The day was tailored to offer an educational and fun-filled, hands-on experience with a variety of activities that delighted and entertained the children: A ride on a donkey and cart, a visit to the incubator to see the eggs and then hold some baby chicks that have just hatched, a visit to a shepherd’s hut to learn about how they looked after their sheep…

The children also had the opportunity to tour the farm to meet and learn about the animals, which included pigs, sheep, ducks, rabbits, hens, turkeys, goats, peacocks and geese, and talk about their features, similarities and differences. Here the children could hold and stroke the rabbits too. Then, the children prepared a soup of bread and water to feed the hens and collected hay to feed the donkeys.

By noon, the teachers and the children had a picnic lunch together and spent the rest of the day playing and exploring around before getting the bus back to school, where they continued this work in class.

Ms Martin, Early years Coordinator, said “The children thoroughly enjoy the day and learn a lot about the animals. This field also trip meets many of our ‘Understanding the World’ and the child’s ‘Personal, Social and Emotional Development’ objectives”