‘The Clockbreakers’ win ‘Sitges Has Talent’ competition

Great news for the Music department of the BSB!

Last Sunday, ‘The Clockbreakers’, a rock band from the BSB, won the ‘Sitges Has Talent’ competition organised by Sitges ETC (Sitges English Theatre Company). Elki, a student in Year 6, also won third place with a dance routine. Another group ‘The Broken Hearts’, featuring students from Primary and Secondary, who had directed and rehearsed a song and dance by themselves, received one of 5 ‘commendations’ as well.

This successful competition for our students took place at Casino Prado on Sunday 10th May, at 11am. ‘The Clockbreakers’ had previously auditioned on the 25th April at Planet English in Sitges and their performance of ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ song by GUNS N’ ROSES led them to the final. Although they had already performed at the Amnesty Concert and Christmas shows, and also at the Secondary Halloween Parade in the school, this was their first audition and first performance away from the BSB. There were some very strong contenders among the 174 contestants who performed in the final, and they had a very large audience at Casino Prado too. Even though ‘The Clockbreakers’ hoped they would win, they were happy just taking part. The success of our students is indeed an inspiring and motivating achievement, which will definitely spur their interest in Music even further.

Mr Hebden, their Music teacher, was very pleased with the results: ‘I am very proud with all the students from the BSB who entered the competition and performed. I was very pleased that ‘The Clockbreakers’ won and that Elki came in third place. Also worth noting were our students who formed ‘The Broken Hearts’ and were commended too.’ He added: ‘Performing arts are an integral part of the BSB. The new school facilities, such as the Theatre and the Music department, and the Enrichment Societies have allowed students to participate in all areas of music, drama and dance.’

‘The Clockbreakers’ will have a busy agenda from now on. Their next performance will be at the school Fundraising Summer Fair on Saturday, 23rd May. They also plan to enter more competitions and music festivals, alongside other groups from the BSB. We wish them the best of luck as they move into the next stage of their career!

About ‘The Clockbreakers’

‘The Clockbreakers’ is a group of 5 Year 7 students (Oscar – Guitar, Desir – Bass, Gavin – Drum kit, Matteo – Vocals, Martin – Vocals) who started practicing in September aided by the new Music facilities in the school. They just started rehearsing by themselves until they decided to set up the rock band. Their name, ‘The Clockbreakers’, originated one break time after the clock in the practice room fell off the wall and smashed as the music was so loud. Since then, they normally rehearse at break and lunch, and also occasionally after school.