Making stage transitions smooth

At the BSB we strive to make transitions from stage to stage as smooth as possible. We are conscious that transitions and changes can be challenging steps in children’s life. We also know that support from parents and staff at school is crucial to ensure these moves are positive experiences, thus continuing to develop children’s confidence and helping them acquire skills to manage future change in their lives.

Last Thursday, our Early Years department held a meeting for parents of children moving from Reception to Year 1 to learn about key points of their child’s transition and how to support their children through it.

It was an invaluable occasion outlining the main steps the Primary school follows to make a successful transition from a structured play based curriculum to a more formal approach:

Step 1: Familiarisation throughout the Summer Term

  • Reception children share small events with Year 1 children and staff.
  • Year 1 teachers spend time in Reception joining in with their activities and getting to know the children.
  • Reception children have a morning visit to Year 1.

Step 2: Transfer of Information

  • The Reception and Year 1 teachers work closely on each child´s learning journey and profile, and discuss the academic and emotional needs of each of them to ensure that their learning and development continues without interruption.
  • Year 1 teachers continue to assess the children´s progress against their profile until they have achieved all their early learning goals.

Step 3: Approaches to Teaching and Learning

  • Parents are requested to follow a specific Week 1 Autumn Term morning routine.
  • Year 1 classes mirror the Reception class environment in September.
  • Teachers supply aids to support independent learning and progression.
  • Teachers set daily challenges linked to next steps.

The meeting also allowed parents to talk about any concerns or anxieties, and encouraged them to share relevant experiences with other parents. It was also the time for them to understand what would be expected of them to help their children move effectively to the next stage.