Language Assistant Programme Closing Ceremony

On Wednesday 27th May 2015, the Generalitat de Catalunya, Department d´Ensenyament, hosted the annual presentation for the Language Assistants. This year the event was held at the Teatre–Auditori Biblioteca Mercé Rodoreda, in Sant Joan Despí.

The ceremony was attended by over 200 Language Assistants from 53 centres, who have been supporting the “Sharing to Learn” Programme.

The BSB is part of the programme and over the past year 24 Year 12 students have been working every week in the 3 local schools –Lluís Vives, Garigot and Edumar- supporting the teachers with English lessons.

The presentation on Wednesday was a celebration of the great work that the students have done in the Primary schools and included a workshop for the Language Assistants, speeches from the Head Teachers, including Dr Gonzalez, BSB Headmaster, a fun play by representatives of the Language Assistants, including Marta and Andrea, students from the BSB, and a video showing the Language Assistants working in the schools.

Each student was presented with a certificate and the letter of their name made by the Primary children that they had worked with.

These letters formed the basis of the workshop. The Language Assistants reflected on the work that they had done over the year and the skills they had developed and created a phrase to show this.


About the “Sharing to Learn” Programme

The “Sharing to Learn” Programme is an initiative of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Department d´Ensenyament. Secondary students from a number of participating schools support Primary students from other schools in their area to improve their oral and listening skills during their English sessions.


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