406€ donation to Fundació Josep Carreras

Our Primary Fundraising Society did it again!

Our amazing group of fully committed children to promote activities to raise funds for charity causes was pleased to donate 406€ to the Fundació Josep Carreras last Tuesday.

The children raised this sum by holding a toy sale with the support of their mothers. They then decided to donate it to the Fundació Josep Carreras.

The children gave the cheque to the representative of the Foundation who came to visit them in their class at school. She congratulated them for their continuous hard work and thanked them for their invaluable contribution to the research on leukaemia.

The Fundació Josep Carreras is the first European research centre exclusively focused on leukaemia and other haematological diseases. Their unprecedented project uses the most innovative technologies to generate a clearer understanding of the basic mechanisms underlying the expansion of leukemic cells, and to explore how these mechanisms can be exploited to develop new therapies. Their motto, “We will not stop until we find a cure”, illustrates their determination to keep working until leukaemia and other blood malignancies become 100% curable diseases.

The commitment of our Primary Fundraising Society has certainly grown stronger over time. Now that we head the end of the Summer Term, we would like to praise the unwavering dedication and selfless support of all its members and their leading teacher, Miss Nasi, to so many altruistic causes each and every day of the year. The parents’ continued support to develop these values even further is also worth eulogising.


About the Primary Fundraising Society

The Primary Fundraising Society was founded in 2012 as part of the BSB Enrichment Programme, comprising assemblies, tutorials and societies which promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, as well as personal skills.

It is run by Miss Nasi, and the Committee has members from Year 5 and Year 6 who organize several events every year, such as the annual Fundraising Summer Fair in May, to raise funds for charity, and support projects of non-profit organizations and relief associations.