The BSB Headteachers welcome families to the new school year

The BSB Executive Headteacher and the Primary and Secondary School Headteachers offered a warm welcome to all parents last Monday. As the start of the new academic year runs smoothly and students and teachers settle into their daily classroom routine, the BSB Senior Leadership Team was eager to greet all our new and old families who joined us for an evening meeting at the Emma Watson Theatre on the BSB campus.

Mr Bell started off by introducing himself as the appointed new Executive Headteacher of the BSB. Mr Bell, who holds an M.A. from Cambridge University, has been an educationalist since 1983. He has been the Headteacher of 3 schools, and has also worked as an adviser and inspector. He is currently the Director of Education for Cognita Schools in Europe as well.

Mr Bell conveyed the goals and values set forth in the mission statement and vision of the BSB:


The Mission of the BSB


“BSB aims to provide a highly effective teaching and learning experience designed to develop responsible, well informed, confident, happy and caring individuals. Through a challenging all-round education we aim to provide a journey of opportunity on which all pupils are motivated to succeed irrespective of their ability, needs or interests in order to give them the very best start in life.”


Our vision

  • “To ensure every child, member of staff and parent feels supported, valued and appreciated.
  • To provide a continuous educational experience for pupils between the ages of 3 and 18, at what every stage they join.
  • To encourage a “love of learning” to prepare pupils for the next stage of their educational journey.
  • To celebrate diversity and internationalism and to ensure every child emerges as a confident multi-linguist.
  • To provide a rich and varied curriculum to excite the interest and imagination of each of its pupils.
  • To recruit, retain and foster inspiring and well motivated teachers.”


Then, the Head of Early Years and Primary and the Head of Secondary and Sixth Form went on to present the achievements of their respective departments during the last year, such as the Enrichment Program, the Curriculum development, the improved provision in Early Years, the new facilities (including specialist music rooms, a library, a theatre and 11 new classrooms), the new specialist teachers in Primary and the 13 new teachers in Secondary, including an appointed Academic Deputy Head. They also outlined the areas to work upon during the current year, namely raising overall standards even higher, developing the Curriculum further and improving the enriched curriculum for all pupils in Secondary.

The Executive Headteacher brought the presentation to an end by highlighting the major strengths of the education delivered at the BSB

  • Best of English (system and standards)
  • Best of Catalonia (culture and language)
  • Best of Spain (language and culture)
  • Best of International (the experience)

To roundup Mr Bell invited parents to work together towards the achievement of a safe, happy and achieving education at the BSB. He looks forward to a long-term partnership through communication, consultation and joint discussion with a view to develop ground rules and high standards for the school which will undoubtedly have a direct positive influence on pupil progress and/or provision.