Four Dutch PE teachers visit the BSB

Our Primary children have been so lucky this week to count on the collaboration of four tennis teacher trainees coming from the University of Haarlem, in The Netherlands.

Megan, Arsèn, Valentyn and Wim are four Dutch 19-year-old trainees who are spending a fortnight in Castelldefels on a traineeship trip to enable them to put into practice the knowledge and skills they’ve acquired during their studies. They are currently in their last year of university.

The four trainee PE teachers have been supporting Mr Roberts, EYFS & Primary PE Teacher, to deliver tennis to Years 2, 3 and 4 during their PE lessons this week. After the initial warm-up, children have been trained on tennis techniques, forehand and backhand shots and also footwork technique.

All the children thoroughly enjoyed these tennis sessions and the young trainees were very grateful for this opportunity to teach so many children of different ages. Mr Roberts was also very positive about the outcome of the overall training, which further extends the BSB commitment to offer students as many international, rich and varied experiences as possible.