The After-school Activities Fair – Program & Goals

Last Wednesday we held our annual After-school Activities Fair to introduce parents to the new program of activities for this school year.

Parents and children were able to get first-hand information about the goals and contents of each activity from the teachers and monitors themselves, including those offered by the neighbouring Granvia Mar Sports Club and the Andrés Gimeno Tennis Club.

As every year, the BSB After-school Activities Team has carefully planned a thorough and varied program which ensures a wide array of opportunities to learn and grow, thus enriching the children’s formal education after school time.

The program includes:

  • Sports activities, such as School Team Training Multi-sport, School Football Team Training, Fun Football, KS1 Multi-Skills Club, Girls Football, Handball Club, Gymnastics Club, and Mugendo.

These activities offer children the opportunity to develop their confidence and skills by learning a selection of games and sports through individual and group work. They foster a sound, effective and value-driven education in teamwork, discipline and respect. They also prepare them to participate in tournaments.

  • Creativity-focused activities, namely the Magazine Club, Aloha, Art & Craft Club, Ballet, and Big Singing.

These activities foster children’s creativity while keeping them physically active and intellectually challenged. Whether by making up stories, creating crafts, working on mental calculations or learning dance and singing techniques, this set of activities is aimed at helping students develop their intelligence and perfect their memory, concentration and creativity.

  • Languages: The Cambridge English Young Learners Suite, Elementary German, and Russian as a First Language.

This is a great way to learn a new language or perfect the native one through a series of fun, motivating activities based on realistic everyday situations. They are designed to develop the skills children need to communicate in the language.


At the BSB we emphasize effective learning and an all-round education that goes well beyond the academic curriculum. These activities certainly contribute to maximizing our students’ potential.

The registration is now open and BSB parents will be able to register their children until the 30th September. The activities will start on the 5th October.

For more information, please follow this link.