The BSB awards for outstanding achievement

The BSB was proud to welcome students and parents to a new edition of the annual Year 12 and 13 Prize Giving Ceremony this week. The grand event took place on Tuesday, 29th September at the BSB Theatre. The ceremony was conducted by Mrs Hughes, Head of Secondary, and Mrs Serra, Head of Pastoral.

The Awards rewarded our students’ success and outstanding achievements during the 2014-2015 school year.




Year 12 (I)GCSE Awards

9 students received Gold awards which were for 9+A*-A grades

29 students received Silver awards which were for 9+A*-C grades


Year 13 AS Awards

14 students received Gold awards which were for 4+A*-A grades

26 students received Silver awards which were for 3+A*-C grades


Football County Cup 

The BSB football team won the Football County Cup for the second time

The cup was received by Xavier, Alberto, Oscar R, Jan, Jose, Victor B and Victor Q


Year 12 Outstanding Academic Excellence Awards 

Marta received the Gold award

Patricia and Aleksandra received the Silver award


Year 13 Outstanding Academic Excellence Awards 

Laura D received the Gold award

Laura P received the Silver award


Advanced Maths Awards 

For the remarkable achievement of Noelia, Fernando and Diego M, who passed their A-level in just one year


The BSB Scholarship for Excellence

Sean has been appointed as our new BSB Scholar for 2015-2017

In her final speech, Mrs Hughes congratulated all the students for their commitment, effort and excellent results, and she also thanked their families for their continued support. She encouraged the students to keep working so hard and offered them assistance whenever necessary. She then wished them all the best luck for the new school year, and parents and teachers could have a chat over lunch at the Theatre foyer.