Introducing Sean: BSB Scholar for Excellence 2015-2017

We are proud to introduce Sean, our new BSB Scholarfor Excellence for 2015-2017. Sean, who is currently in Year 12, was interviewed in July by the BSB Headmaster and the Head of Secondary. “We were both struck by his immense academic ability and potential for the future. Sean demonstrated a real understanding of the deeper economic concepts which impact upon business and our everyday lives. He was able to develop very clear, logical answers to complex questions and also responded very well when his ideas were challenged”, Mrs Hughes said.


Last year Sean achieved 9 A* and 1 A grade on his (I)GCSE exams.


Why were you interested in the BSB Scholarship for excellence?

I was interested because it included a reduction in my yearly standard school fees. Securing this reduction in fees would help my family in its financial matter. This is why I was very happy to apply for it and achieve it.


When writing your personal statement for your application, which points did you emphasize?

Firstly, I had never written a personal statement before, therefore I did not really know which points I should have emphasised to further boost my personal statement. So, I held myself onto the guidelines given to me and wrote a general all-rounded piece of text entailing my academic views, personal hobbies and my personal ambitions.


During your interview with Dr Gonzalez and Mrs Hughes, which topics did you have to discuss about?

First we talked about my A-Level choices. We then transitioned onto my lifelong interest of History and why I think it is important to learn about it in order to improve our general understanding of the civilisations and cultures that make up our world. We linked that onto my interest in Economics and I was asked to choose a specific piece of History I could link my knowledge of Economics to. I decided to speak about the Post-revolution Russia/USSR era and its newly-founded system of Communism and how that affected the Economy. We also spoke about why I thought Communism would never work when put into actual practice, whether or not I thought humans were inherently evil and selfish beings, how learning about History has affected me as a person, and how I perceive and behave in the world.


As a BSB scholar you are required to attend 2 events for prospective parents each year and to identify and fulfil a real role within school, which will benefit the school community. To this respect, how would you like to contribute to the BSB community? Which events would you like to participate in?

I would like to assist the school and teachers regarding the MUN Conference, in mentoring new students in it, as I believe it to be a very useful and fun activity which will greatly improve student’s confidence, research skills, and more specifically, public speaking and debating skills which will greatly assist them in their further life. Other than that, I’d be happy to offer my services to the History department of the school in helping them in their revision classes for students at GCSE level or under, in any way needed.


In general, what things, whether academics, sports, hobbies, society, current issues… do you most care about? Why?

In general, what I care about the most and am saddened by the most, is the general lack of manners in people and their lack of historical/cultural knowledge of the peoples in this world. I find that they are one of the basic fundamental things which we must be taught to focus on, as they affect our behaviour towards people from other societies, and those of our own. Only with an adept thorough knowledge of historical and cultural backgrounds of all societies of the world can we truly understand the situation and customs that other people have, and thus perceive the world in many diverse ways. Manners along with that ensure that society flows smoothly to everyone’s benefit.


What experiences have most shaped you, whether at the BSB or outside the school?

Pinpointing a certain few experiences would be, in my opinion, wrong, as I think that all the experiences in my life have affected me and shaped the person I am now. And they will still continue to change me for as long as I live.


What do you consider to be your most significant achievement?

Staying alive, feeling happy with the way I have lived my life so far, and also that I have always performed to my expectations without ever being disappointed.


What do you expect from this Scholarship?

Achieving this scholarship will always be a reminder that whatever I want to achieve, I can accomplish if I set my mind to it, and that it is only me who can set the limits.

What do you hope to do in the future (education, career, etc.)?

I am not completely sure about what I would like my future to be like at the moment. However, I think that I will study Economics in England or Scotland, leading onto a possible career in Stock Trading.

About the BSB Scholarship for Excellence

BSB Scholarships reward all-round excellence as reflected in pupils’ academic and/or personal ambition, independence of thought and learning, enthusiasm to work beyond the syllabus and/or commitment to co-curricular activities. The scholarship covers 25% of the tuition fees over two years.


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