Hosting London Universities: King’s College, Imperial College & University College

On Wednesday we were proud to welcome three of the most prestigious Universities in the United Kingdom: King’s College London, University College London and ImperialCollege London.

More than 60 students and parents in their last Year of Secondary and also Sixth Formers, from the BSB and other BISA schools who had been invited on such a special occasion, would not miss this event at the Emma Watson Theatre.

The event consisted of an introduction to the extensive course offering of each University and their academic specialties. The speakers emphasized their History, their research areas, the quality of their facilities and their careers advice programmes for graduates. They also outlined the entry requirements and the UCAS application (the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service), including useful tips on the personal statement, a critical element in the admission review process. Students were recommended to keep it relevant to their course choice, to be logical, persuasive, engaging, and concise, and most of all, personal. As an invaluable tool to help support the student’s application, the personal statement was regarded as the one document that can bring life to an application file.

They also took the time to explain about fees and funding (UE students’ tuition fee loans & individual institution financial support packages/scholarships). Students were also invited to attend an Open Day, do a Campus Tour or enrol in any of their Summer courses to get an insight into what university life is like.

After the presentation there was a Q&A session, where students, parents and teachers had the opportunity to ask many relevant questions, mainly about the A level requirements for each programme, the personal statement, the UCAS deadlines and the availability of international places.