Scary Halloween at the BSB!

When Witches Go Riding And Black Cats Are Seen, The Moon Laughs And Whispers ‘Tis Near Halloween!!

Halloween took over the BSB last week! The whole school celebrated this occasion with a variety of activities based on the Halloween theme throughout the week.

On Friday 30th October, children in the Primary school came to school in a “Halloween Costume”. They held a “Monster Parade” which gave them the opportunity to see all the costumes and have a great time. In their classes, children wrote “scary” poems and stories, sang “spooky” songs and undertook some creative art work with a Halloween theme. A number of competitions were held throughout the day and the children received certificates. All in all, it was a fun packed day for children and teachers!

In the Secondary school, the students had also a very busy week. Halloween is not only a time to dress up and have fun, but also an opportunity to stir creativity and improve event planning skills. Students in Year 7-9 organised a Halloween disco party for Thursday which was a complete success. They did a great job in promoting the event with scary posters they had designed themselves and collected some money for the Year 11-13 Promotion Ceremony at the end of the year. On Friday, the whole Secondary school put on their annual Halloween parade with creative costumes and ran a performance contest in the Rafael Nadal Gym. The Secondary Fundraising Society also held a sale of Halloween sweets in the BSB Rambla to raise money for a local charitable organisation.

Monster costumes, ghostly décor, spooky stories… a fright-filled funny time for the whole school!