Parents learn Early Phonics Skill with us

Last Thursday we held the first Parent Workshop of the year. This “Early Phonics Skills” workshop was addressed to all Reception and Key Stage 1 parents who wanted to find out more about the Read Write Inc Phonics (RWI) programme that we use in school to support children in learning to read, write and spell in English.

Read Write Inc Phonics is a systematic and structured programme rooted in synthetic phonics which contributes to early success in reading. The aim of the workshop was to help parents understand what RWI is and how it is taught in our school. The teachers also shared practical strategies and ideas to assist children at home.

Among many other things, during this session parents learnt how to use their fingers to spell some of the words they had just blended, the reversibility principle of decoding for reading and encoding for writing, and how children use lively, fun phonic storybooks every day to read and write the words that contain the sounds and graphemes they have learned so far.

At the end of the session, our teachers gave parents some guidance on how they could help their children at home. Basic things such as reading frequently with their children, encouraging them to use their sounds when reading and writing, sounding out unknown words together using Fred Talk and Fred Fingers, as well as familiarising themselves with the sounds, were some of the ideas which the group brainstormed.

Around 25 parents joined us. “We split the parents into 3 groups and ran through a mock RWI session with them. They learned some of the sounds and how to blend and segment them, and they got a feel for the kind of activities that their children were doing. The group was really enthusiastic and took on board lots of tips about how to help their children at home. It was great to see so many parents invested in their children’s learning”, Mrs Stancliffe, one the workshop’s specialist said.


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