Good news for our talented students!

We are proud to announce that The British School of Barcelona has become a member of NACE, the National Association for Able Children in Education, in reward to our consistent commitment to provision for more able and talented pupils in school.

NACE is one of the UK’s leading independent education organisations which specialises in working with schools and teachers to improve learning for able learners. They support teachers in getting the best from able, gifted and talented pupils in the everyday classroom, whilst enabling all pupils to flourish.

At the BSB we value the fact that pupils bring to school different experiences and strengths that influence the way they learn. We firmly believe that all children should have access to an appropriate education that gives them the opportunity to achieve their personal potential and ensures the best possible progress, whatever their needs and abilities. This includes pupils with special needs as well as exceptionally able students who must be stretched and challenged.

At the BSB we consider Exceptionally Able those students who have the ability to shine, consistently performing, or capable of performing, at a level significantly ahead of their peer group in one or more areas.

Our Provision For Exceptionally Able Students (EAS) Policy is aimed at:

  • Ensuring that each pupil is given an equal opportunity to develop socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically.
  • Identifying as early as possible, any student who shows exceptional ability.
  • Supporting pupils in achieving their full potential by devising programmes of work adapted to their needs.
  • Ensuring that all students have access to a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • Providing information to parents, enabling and encouraging their participation and support.
  • To ensure that the views of the student are taken into account.
  • Working closely with outside agencies to make sure that the needs of the pupil are met.
  • Providing clear guidance for teacher on putting this policy into practice.


Our partnership with NACE will enormously support our everyday task in the provision of excellence for our pupils by providing a definitive forum for independent expertise in able, gifted and talented provision, practical solutions and an authoritative knowledge base.

About Nace

Founded in 1983, NACE is recognised nationally and internationally as the UK’s leading independent education organisation in the field of education for able learners. Through its valuable network of members NACE provides high quality guidance, support and training, enabling teachers to attain the best from able learners in the everyday classroom, whilst enabling all learners to flourish and achieve.

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