Making a noise about bullying

Every year the Anti-Bullying Alliance coordinates the Anti-Bullying Week in the United Kingdom. This year it was held from the 16th – 20th November. The theme was ‘Make a Noise about Bullying’.

Our Primary school joined the call by carrying out a range of activities during tutorial times and holding several assemblies throughout the week. The aim was to involve pupils so they understand our approach towards bullying and so they are clear in the part they have to play to prevent bullying, including when they find themselves as bystanders, face to face or online.

At The British School of Barcelona we aim to establish a positive school culture in which all members of the community feel safe and confident, and treat each other with respect and courtesy, particularly with regard to individual differences.

Our anti-bullying policy is implemented in order to:

  • enable students to understand clearly what constitutes bullying and to understand that bullying, whatever its form, will not be tolerated by the school community;
  • enable parents to feel confident that bullying incidents will be firmly dealt with by the school;
  • create a safe environment and promote a non-aggressive ethos in the school;
  • raise staff awareness of the presence of different types of bullying, and an awareness of groups of students who are bullied disproportionately;
  • establish guidelines for action where bullying is evident;
  • develop a range of effective strategies for pupils to learn about moral and social issues;
  • ensure students are able to explain how we expect them to behave.

We are so proud of all the activity from our pupils and staff to make this anti-bullying week such an incredible and diverse week.

For more information, please check our anti-bullying policy:

School Policy Documents