Cognita Group Acquires International School of Barcelona

British Cognita, world’s leading independent schools group with 67 schools in 7 countries around the world, has announced the acquisition of International School of Barcelona, located in Sitges. The Group has signed a purchase-and-sales agreement with the former owners of the school, in force since 1st January, 2016.

As from September, the school will be integrated as a new campus under the brand of The British School of Barcelona. Therefore, lnternational School of Barcelona becomes a Cognita school, joining the other four schools that the educational group currently has in our country, namely The British School of Barcelona in Castelldefels, Hastings School in Madrid, El Limonar lnternational School of Murcia and El Limonar lnternational School Villamartín of Alicante. These centres are considered top class British education private schools nationwide.

Since the change of ownership has taken place during the academic year, the school of Sitges will continue to operate as usual supported by Cognita Group until the end of the school year 2015-2016. Thus, the daily activity of both students and teachers will not suffer any alteration and the transition will run smoothly.

During this period the Group will invest about EUR 1 million to improve the school facilities, including classrooms, playgrounds, library and dining room, as well as the IT infrastructure and security system of the centre.

According to John Bell, Executive Director of The British School of Barcelona, “We are delighted and very excited about acquiring ISB . We have a great opportunity with the staff, parents and students of ISB to really develop the school to its fullest potential over the months and years”.