Thrilling Science on Saturday Morning

On Saturday, 23rd January, Mr Whellams, our Chemistry Teacher in the Secondary school, organised a thrilling scientific Fun Saturday for families with children from 3 to 10 years old.

This “Science is Fun” session was based on “bubble science” and it was the first ever session of this kind in the history of our BSB Family Club. The aim of the teacher when preparing this activity was to engage children into enjoying science and show the scientific process in action.

For two hours children and their parents took part in several “bubble experiments”, such as exploding bubbles, making giant bubbles, using bubbles colour and milk, making and designing rockets and then firing them using water and air pressure.

The children found out what mixture made the biggest bubbles and analysed different methods in making the biggest bubbles. The children saw that detergent can affect more than just the bubble but can also change the stickiness of water. The children worked in groups and designed, made and launched a rocket to have little air-resistance and a stable flight by using a pointed nose cone and fins.

According to Mr Whellams “It was fantastic to see both boys and girls embracing the idea of being engineers. The children involved all learnt that science is about trying out ideas and even if they don´t work, we still get a lot of information from understanding why it didn’t work so well”.

The children were indeed enthusiastic and they all came out of it thinking science can be fun! It is indeed!


About the BSB Family Club

The BSB Family Club consists of a wide range of family-friendly activities specially designed by the educational team for families and children to learn together while having fun.

Our Fun Saturdays sessions encourage relatives and friends to participate in the children’s learning. They are available to all families whether or not they are existing members of the BSB. The activities are suitable for families with children aged 3-8 years old.

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