Award-winning British author visits our children

On Friday, 22nd January, Guy Bass, the award-winning children’s book author, visited the BSB to run a series of workshops with our Key Stage 2 students. The sessions included storytelling and dramatization skills.

The British writer actually came as part of our connection with Book Box International, the publishing house which holds our book fairs in the school twice a year. The publisher organises for an author or illustrator to come to Spain for a week to tour some of the schools they usually work with. The BSB is proud to be one of them and have our children benefit from such exciting experiences.

Guy Bass’ books are a mixture of prose and comic strip. His book series include Stitch Head, The Legend of Frog, Dinkin Dings, Atomic! and Monster Madness / Monster Mayhem. He won a Blue Peter Book Award in 2010 for Dinkin Dings and the Frightening Things, and has twice won the Portsmouth Book award.

Mrs Oxberry, Head of Early Years and Primary, pointed out “The children thought Guy was absolutely wonderful. One of our children was so inspired he actually wants to become a writer when he grows up!!!!”

Mrs Dean, Deputy Head of Early Years and Primary, said “He was an extremely entertaining author who made his stories come alive. He told us stories from when he was a young boy and about his life now as an author. Super heroes were his obsession! He thought he was Spiderman until his Mum offered him pizza!”

At the end of the school day, the children could buy autographed copies of his books at the BSB Rambla. It was a pleasure to see so many children buying his books and being inspired to read.

At The British School of Barcelona we feel very pleased to hold this kind of activities which often unearth a hidden passion and help children find a path in life.