Helping students find the right career path

At the BSB we believe that the choices made at some points of our students’ education are of great significance in terms of future access to their chosen Universities, degrees and career prospects.

This is particularly relevant in both Year 9 and Year 11 of the British curriculum, when children have to consider the options available to them in line with the official requirements to gain the ESO qualification (after Year 11) and the entry conditions of universities, should they wish to pursue an undergraduate degree after Year 13.

This is why every year in the Spring Term, the Secondary school invites parents and students in Year 9 and Year 11 to “Options Evenings” where the Academic Deputy Head of Secondary explains in full detail about the curriculum we offer in Years 10 & 11 and in Years 12 & 13, and how the children can select their optional subjects.

Clearly, our school offers a wide array of options students can choose from. However, their decisions will be influenced by:

  • the degree they would like to study -some university degrees and careers require specific school qualifications,
  • the country they intend to do their degree in -the regulations for entrance to the Spanish Universities differ from those in the United Kingdom and other countries,
  • each university/college particular application requirements

For this reason, we encourage students to analyse in depth the best choice combinations available to them by attending these important information briefings, reading the relevant school Options booklet carefully, undertaking research on the Internet, and speaking to their subject teachers, current A Level students and their parents in order to get a clear picture of what is expected from them so that they are best prepared to make the right decision.

At the BSB we make every effort to accommodate each student’s requests so that university/career paths are never impeded as a result of this process. Additional appointments to see the Head and Deputy Head of Secondary, the Head of Sixth Form or the relevant Head of Department are also available.

We are fortunate to have a Secondary teaching team with a great deal of experience in this area, who are aware of pupils´ individual strengths and who are committed to ensuring students get the best advice and guidance necessary at this time in their school careers.