The longed-for trip! Year 4 at the Paleontological Institute

Last Tuesday, 16th February, our Year 4 children went to the Institut Català de Paleontologia Miquel Crusafont in Sabadell. They were accompanied by Mr Antcliffe, Mrs Davies and Ms O’Connor, the Year 4 team, and six parents who would not want to miss the experience of seeing the sparkling eyes of their children at the sight of the most spectacularly awesome dinosaur specimens of all time!

It was quite a long visit, of about 4 hours. This allowed ample time to take a tour of the museum, attend a talk about paleontologists and their work, and have a look at a paleontologist laboratory. The students also had the opportunity to handle some fossils (which they loved!) and make Dinosaur Top Trumps cards in the park next door. After so many exciting activities, children, parents and teachers had all a lovely picnic in the sun!

This activity was a combination of the History and Science subjects, fitting well into the topic of the curriculum of this term: Digging for Dinosaurs! Children have been learning all about the dinosaur time periods and types of dinosaurs. They have also been investigating fossils and evidence, and learning about dinosaur skeletons and teeth, while linking all this to habitats and food chains, using the dinosaurs as examples. So, just imagine how excited children were to see full size replicas of a Titanosaurus and the massive skeleton of a Triceratops in the museum! They especially enjoyed handling real life fossils and guessing which part of the body they were from. No wonder many children now really want to be paleontologists when they grow up!

This is the second time the school has ever organised this trip and from the teachers’ comments, it may well not be the last one:

“It was fantastic for the children to handle fossils, and to use the knowledge that they had learnt in school to work out what they were,” said Mr Antcliffe.

“To meet a real life paleontologist was fascinating, especially seeing all the moulds and learning how they got the fossils from site to the laboratory,” exclaimed Mrs O’Connor.

“It was such an interactive experience, the children were immersed in the world of dinosaurs and have absolutely loved this topic!” said Ms Davies.


About the Paleontological Institute

The Institut Català de Paleontologia Miquel Crusafont (ICP) is a private foundation created in November of 2006 developing from the former Institut de Paleontologia Miquel Crusafont dating back to 1969. The new Institut is, therefore, the intersection for uniting experience and warmly renewed tradition.

As a research center of reference, conservation and diffusion of the paleontology of vertebrates in Catalonia (Spain), the ICP aims to strongly promote research and the conservation of the paleontological patrimony at an international level and allow the efficient transfer of knowledge to society.