BSB Cooking on a Fun Saturday morning

Last Saturday 45 parents and children took part in our first-ever “Family Cooking” Fun Saturday! This session was meant to teach children from 3 to 8 years old how to prepare easy recipes at home with their families and inspire a love for cooking.

We know how much children love getting their hands on the food, watching raw ingredients transform into finished dishes and tasting new flavours. And we also know how delighted parents are at sharing new experiences with their children. So, this session provided a fantastic opportunity for families to come together and learn.

The “Family Cooking” workshop lasted for about two hours and it was led by specialised staff from Cuina Gestió, the Catalan food company who prepares the school meals on site in our own kitchen facilities.

The participants were divided into groups. First, each group had to mix all the ingredients in order to prepare a traditional cake. When the mixes of each group were ready, they were all mixed together in a big bowl to get the final dough. They then baked 4 big cakes, some including chocolate and apples. While the cakes were in the oven, families also prepared the dough for delicious butter cookies.

At the end of the activity, families took a piece of cake and some of their cookie dough to continue enjoying cooking with the family at home.

Ms Filgueiras, Cuina Gestio’s Coordinator at BSB, said: “I am pleased with the outcome of the workshop. Parents were simply adorable and they showed so much interest in the activity, just like their children, who would not miss a single step. They thoroughly followed the process of preparing and baking up to the final reward: a slice of cake!!!!! This is satisfying for the person who delivers the workshop. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to participate in this funny learning activity of the school.”

Indeed families enjoyed and loved the activity. Parents were delighted at watching their children have fun by preparing delicious cakes, working together with other children and sharing what they had done at the end.

We hope to see all the families again in our next Fun Saturday: “The Easter Egg Hunt”. Will you miss it?


About the BSB Family Club

The BSB Family Club consists of a wide range of family-friendly activities specially designed by the educational team for families and children to learn together while having fun.

Our Fun Saturdays sessions encourage relatives and friends to participate in the children’s learning. They are available to all families whether or not they are existing members of the BSB. The activities are suitable for families with children aged 3-8 years old.

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