UK Leading Universities at the BSB

On Wednesday, 9th March, eleven leading universities from the United Kingdom came to the BSB to inform parents and students in Years 11 and 12 about their entry requirements and application system.

This was our annual UK University Tour, an activity that fits well in our calendar of events intended to help our students make sound and informed decisions about their future.

Why do our students find this fair so useful? Let’s hear what Ailish, Year 12 student, thinks:

“Given that it is difficult to attend any Open Days for Universities in the UK, I personally find it very useful to be able to actually talk face-to-face with representatives of some major universities. It made it very easy to ask any specific questions, not just about courses and the university itself, but about the city too, which is often difficult to find online.

I had previously considered studying Anthropology after my A Levels as it incorporates a variety of my interests, both academic and non-academic, while allowing for a certain degree of choice in terms of specialization. Therefore, when talking to some of the different speakers, they were able to recommend similar courses that might have interested me. I saw, for example, that Liberal Arts could be an option at many of the universities which were present in the fair, and this was something I had not previously considered but will certainly look at more closely.

In terms of what I learnt from the fair, it was interesting to talk about grade boundaries and how much leeway you are allowed at each, and, of course, to learn about the course content. Overall, I definitely gained a lot from talking to the different universities and this has helped me come to a clearer decision of both what and where I want to study.”

This year the participating universities were: University London, Bristol University, Plymouth University, University of Leicester, Royal Holloway, University of London, University of Reading, Lancaster University, University of Exeter, University of Birmingham, University of Sussex and University of Essex.