Maria’s Vet Work Experience (Year 12)

Maria, one of our students in Year 12, is resolute in her decision to study Veterinary sciences after she graduates. So much so that she recently applied for an internship at a vets clinic in order to gain some hands on experience which will definitely help her with her personal statement, an important part of the UCAS application.

Maria would like to study Veterinary Science in Edinburgh or Veterinary Nursing and Bioveterinary Science in Bristol, which is her first choice, actually. Maria is aiming high, very high, and to this end she is working hard to make this dream come true. In addition to getting outstanding grades, she is also attending every single careers-orientated event that the school organises on a regular basis to help Sixth Formers make informed decisions. So, for example, Maria attended the successful “Speed Mentoring Forum” in late February and the UK University Tour in early March. In fact she took the decision to apply for Bristol after speaking to the University representatives attending the BSB on the occasion.

Maria has just finished writing her personal statement, which should be submitted no later than 15th October, although she plans to do it earlier. Mr Musson, Head of Sixth Form at BSB, will undoubtedly provide invaluable advice when proofreading this text.

Maria is very excited about her career prospects and is really enjoying her internship at the vet’s office in Tàrrega. She stayed for three days during the Easter break and will spend every single Saturday until the end of the school year learning the ropes in the clinic. The experience has been incredible so far:

“These first few days have all been extremely educational and enjoyable!”

“The first day I was told that out of all the people who had come to that same clinic to do “practices”, I was the first person to participate in a surgery, which made me feel extremely honoured and rewarded with the experience, as well as the fact that the surgery itself was very interesting!”

“On Tuesday, I witnessed more surgeries of sterilisation and the removal of a tumour (…) In the afternoon, I participated in the Caesarean of a German Shepherd, who had 10 puppies!”

All throughout the three days that I was helping, all the vets were saying how quickly I learn the things they ask me to do (…). This made me feel very special and cared for by the vets, which is encouraging me to continue with the work experience, and has convinced me that this would be my ideal future job.

“Thank you again very, very much for the contract to allow me to experience these wonderful opportunities.”

It goes without saying that everyone at BSB wishes Maria the best of luck in her internship and her University application.