Year 8 step back in time in Barcino

On Tuesday our Year 8 students had a really inspiring day at the Museu d’Història de Barcelona, one of the most interesting museums in the city which depicts some of the best preserved heritage spaces from ancient Roman times.

48 students stepped back in time to investigate and learn about what life was like in Barcino -Roman name for Barcelona- some twenty centuries ago.

This is a regular activity in the Social Sciences curriculum. It allows students to learn more about Ancient Rome and see some remains of the ancient Roman colony that still survive today in Barcelona.

Mrs Reyes, Mr Rius and Ms Martínez, from the BSB Social Sciences department, took students for a guided tour through Roman Barcelona, starting off at Plaça del Rei, stopping at the Temple of Augustus and finishing off at the MUHBA museum, where they could explore the old city of Barcino in depth. During the 2-hour visit, students were asked questions involving background knowledge and reasoning.

According to Ms Martínez, “Students enjoyed it and found it exciting to share their knowledge with the guide. They also loved seeing some of the remains such as the columns at the Temple of Augustus or analyzing the fragment of an epigraphic plaque revealing the complete name of the ancient Roman city of Barcino”. She added, “It was a really enjoyable trip and we loved seeing the enthusiasm of the students. They were quick to put their hands up and gave great answers with a lot of detail. And they weren’t put off by the rain!”

A must see for everyone who wants to learn more about the history and heritage of our capital city!