Year Four go Wild!

A trip to the University nature park

“What’s not to like about bright morning sunlight, a wander among tall grasses, time to look at wild poppies and roses and enjoy a warm spring breeze which shakes the poplar trees gently above you? That and then a chance to return to childhood with a hunt for mini beasts under rocks? What a great start to the day! And to think this was a BSB science class!

On Tuesday 12th April the school invited the parents of year 4 to join them on a nature walk to assist with their science course. Year four are studying mammals, insects, amphibians, reptiles and birds. We spent the first part of the lesson looking at habitats. We searched in long grass, under stones and in bushes looking to discover mini beasts and where they liked to live. Assisted by magnifying glasses, twigs to roll stones and even a pocket microscope the children investigated all the insects in their local environment. We then strolled along the river path looking at the river, spotting native birds; Coots, Moorhens and Ducks, all busy going about their day. We saw tiny ducklings chasing after their mothers and some birds carrying twigs and making nests. The teachers pointed out lots of things and asked questions making us all think. We then stopped a while to look the turtles in the river who stared back up at us, probably wondering why so many children were out of school! Throughout the children busied themselves taking notes and sketching their new discoveries. Every one of them was enthusiastic and they chatted excitedly imparting what they knew to us parents. As we wandered back to school we parents reflected on what a wonderful opportunity it was to bring learning alive by coming out of the classroom and how important this use of the wider world is to our children’s education.  It was a fabulous, fun morning, a wonderful bit of school parent partnership and for me and my son just the best start to the day!”

By Kayte Locke

Theo’s mom (Y4 Emerald)