BSB Team wins BISA Children’s Lit Quiz


On Friday 15th April eight students in Year 7, 8 and 9 participated in the Second BISA Children’s Lit Quiz hosted at the Benjamin Franklin International School in Barcelona.

Our literary delegates performed so remarkably well in the quiz that they achieved the top of the podium! The team formed by Philippa, Guillem, Jeannie and Jude won the event whilst the team formed by Alex, Ella, Victoria and Dexter came third! Excellent results for an outstanding performance!

This is the second year of the quiz and the second year that the BSB students have attended. There were 6 Barcelona schools represented by 12 teams. Our teams had been preparing for this during a Monday lunchtime club since January 2016. The final eight students to attend were selected at the start of April.

The quiz consisted of 60 questions in various rounds on Children’s and Young Adult Fiction. The twelve teams were sat in their teams and had 15 seconds to write down their answers on white boards. According to Ms.Kelly, Head of English, the aim of the activity was ‘for likeminded students to meet up and share and celebrate their love of reading and literature. It encourages students to read widely and share their recommendations’.

The students loved the day out. It was fantastic to get to visit and look round another school: The Benjamin Franklin International. They enjoyed the challenge of competing and the lunch gave them a chance to get to know students from other schools who shared their love of reading.

‘The Lit Quiz was a day of celebration, camaraderie and bonding over books’, Alex

‘Legitimately awesome’, Jude

‘Welcome to the sport of reading’, Guillem

‘It was such fun! I couldn’t believe how many people shared the same interest as me’, Ella

‘What a fantastic achievement to get two teams in the top three. I am very proud of the students who displayed a great range of knowledge about different genres of books. We worked hard to prepare for the quiz this year, reading a great deal of books and Philippa made an excellent team coach. Well done everyone!’, Ms Kelly.

The winning team received a lovely ‘Minerva Owl’ Trophy (on display in the school Reception) as well as 50 euros each of FNAC and book vouchers.