Festive Sant Jordi at BSB Fun Saturday

On Saturday 16th April we held our last Fun Saturday of this school year: “Saint George Arts, Crafts and Sardanas”. This is a family activity that we run every year to celebrate Saint George -a popular tradition in Catalonia- and the World Book Day (Unesco).

Mrs Fernández, Mr Rodgers, Mr Gross and Miss Casterad organised a two-hour Arts and Crafts session based on the legend of Saint George and the dragon. Children enjoyed learning how to make paper roses, bookmarks, dragon masks, swords, tiaras and other handcrafted items. They also learnt about the popular legend of Saint George through a brief presentation and had the opportunity to learn the traditional folk dance of Catalonia, popularly known as La Sardana.

Boys and girls alike enjoyed all the activities. Boys made swords; girls, tiaras; and they all made paper roses, lots of them, in so many colours! Many left with a full bouquet of flowers! It was a lovely morning!

“Children and families seemed to enjoy a lot the Fun Saturday and they were very participative. Even a lot of them tried to dance Sardanas with their children at the end of the activity”, Miss Casterad said.

“Families loved the facilities and the atmosphere. Some parents enjoyed the “English” fact around the school”, Mrs Fernández said.

“The children really enjoyed the activities, especially making the roses. Using various colours we ended up with red ones, blue ones and even rainbow coloured ones, the imaginations ran wild!.” Mr Rodgers said. “The presentation was useful which I thought gave some insight not only to the children but the parents about the tradition of St Jordi”.

“As always everybody that came had a lot of fun. Many of the children created masks or crowns and left wearing them with huge smiles on their faces”, Mr Gross said.

As the BSB Family Club is drawing to an end this year, the Family Club team would like to thank all the families attending Fun Saturdays for their continuous support and engagement, and also the BSB staff for making them possible. Next year there will be plenty of new activities for parents and children to enjoy!


About the BSB Family Club

The BSB Family Club consists of a wide range of family-friendly activities specially designed by the educational team for families and children to learn together while having fun.

Our Fun Saturdays sessions encourage relatives and friends to participate in the children’s learning. They are available to all families whether or not they are existing members of the BSB. The activities are suitable for families with children aged 3-8 years old.

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