Outstanding Young Speakers at Annual Speech Competition

Last week we held our annual Primary Speech Competition in the BSB Theatre. As every year our children had to prepare a talk and present it in front of an audience. The contestants were judged on their speech as a whole, their interaction and engagement of the audience, clarity of speech and interest of the topic.

After working on their speeches in class, the finalists were:

Y1 Scarlet: Paula

Y1 Violet: Carlota

Y1 White: Bronte

Y2 Indigo: Nika (Veronica)

Y2 Turquoise: Martina

Y2 Cherry: Yaiza

Y3 Mint: Max

Y3 Orange: Matteo

Y3 Sky Blue: Adriana

Y4 Emerald: Seif

Y4 Yellow: Polina

Y4 Amber: Marco

Y5 Maroon: Vittoria

Y5 Blue: Claudia

Y5 Purple: Alvaro

Y6 Lime: Diogo

Y6 Toffee: Maria

Y6 Coral: Alex

Mrs Oxberry and Ms Dean, Head and Deputy Head of Early Years and Primary, were the judges of the competition. Ms Dean explained that “All the participants were extremely good and the decisions were very difficult to make. We were very impressed with the quality of the speeches both in terms of interest but in the confidence of the children to stand in front of 200 children and deliver their speech with self-assurance and poise.”

And the winners were…

  • KS1 – Martina, Year 2 Turquoise – Speech topic: “My Pet”
  • LKS2 – Seif, Y4 Emerald – Speech topic: “Planes”
  • UKS2 – Diogo, Y6 Lime – Speech topic: “Rubik Cube”

Ms Walker, Martina’s teacher, said, “Martina was keen to talk about her pet hamster, Snow, as he is her first pet and there was quite a story behind her finally getting him – including a trip to the doctor! She spoke clearly and confidently and we’re extremely proud of her. Well done Martina!”

Mr Antcliffe, Seif’s teacher, said, “Seif is obsessed with planes so it was no surprise that he decided to prepare his speech competition entry about them. 4 Emerald voted emphatically for him to represent the class and he did so brilliantly. The PowerPoint was full of fascinating facts, and Seif spoke clearly and enthusiastically about his topic. Now all of LKS2 know the difference between Boeing and Airbus! His speech was made even more entertaining due to the hilarious jokes and the rapport with the Judges. Great work Seif, we really enjoyed listening to you!”

Mr Taylor, Diogo’s teacher, said, “It was easy to watch and listen to Diogo speak as he presented on a topic that he is passionate about. He is always playing with his Rubik’s cube and giving his classmates tips and strategies on how to complete it. He spoke well and provided entertainment and facts in his speech-completing the Rubik´s cube in 42 seconds added to the excitement of his speech! Well done!”