Mud Kitchens in Early Years

This year our Early Years department set up a collaboration with The Tomato Foundation, a non-profit NGO that promotes healthy balanced diets and lifestyles.

The Tomato Foundation supplied two mud kitchens to our Primary school which are now placed in the garden area for children to work with as part of our Continuous Provision in Early Years. Continuous Provision is the name given to the selection of resources available for our children in Nursery and Reception in order to continue and enhance their opportunities for learning. The activities are linked to assessment and levelled around the ability of the children in each area, thus encouraging them to investigate, explore and develop their thinking skills through active engagement. According to The Tomato Foundation, the mud kitchens are an invaluable resource for children as they boost “creative expression, problem solving skills, cooperative play and stress reduction. They also strengthen immune systems and are downright fun!”

The Tomato Foundation promotes back-to-basics cooking skills to encourage people, young and old, to take control of their diet and prevent food-related diseases by making simple changes to their lifestyle. This collaboration with The British School of Barcelona aims to inspire lifelong healthy habits from early childhood and a love for tasty, healthy cooking. As they say: “We hope they will also inspire a generation of future cooks!”

You can watch the video here.