Thrilling morning for Year 4 at Police Station

Our Year 4 children went on an exciting tour of the local Police Station last week! This is part of our commitment to deliver road safety education in school. At BSB we firmly believe that there is a need to teach clear road safety messages effectively and consistently to help children understand and prevent risk. Whilst walking and cycling must continue to be promoted as healthy, enjoyable activities, we believe that the challenge is to give children the skills, understanding and confidence to deal with traffic safely while they are engaged in them.

During the morning they had the chance to experience many interesting ‘police’ activities and ask officers lots of questions:

  • They spent the morning finding out what it is like to be a Police Officer.
  • They travelled with Police Officers on a public bus, where they stamped their own ticket.
  • They were able to see the whole station including the communications room and where the vehicles are kept.
  • And they even got to see a prison cell without anyone in it!

Nicola Davies, LKS2 Coordinator and Year 4 Yellow Teacher, said “Children had a truly thrilling morning!”