BSB Year 9 wins Debate Competition

On Thursday, 26th May, our Year 9 students took part in a debate competition against Kensington School with the motion ´The world is getting better, not worse´.

This was a practice activity of the Enrichment Debating Society led by Ms Lough, Secondary English teacher. The event consisted of a debate between two groups of 3 Year 9 students on the motion, with BSB taking the Opposition (arguing the world is getting worse) in speeches of 2-3 minutes. Both teams performed very well, and our BSB team (Daniel, James and Frederik) won!

This activity fits in the curriculum, because it encourages students to develop their confidence in public speaking and gives them a chance to meet like-minded students from other international schools in the area. The skills developed, such as critical thinking and crafting an argument, will stand them in good stead for Literature and History IGCSE.

Students loved the day out and really enjoyed the chance to debate more formally. They enjoyed the challenge of competing and the cake afterwards gave them a chance to get to know students from other schools who shared their love of reading.

Ms Lough said, “I was really impressed by the caliber of the speeches given by both teams, and it was clear that all students had researched the topic thoroughly and thoughtfully. The BSB won the motion through a particularly well-crafted concluding speech from James. I hope this has given the Year 9 debaters every confidence in pursuing further debate competitions in the future and developing their public speaking skills. Well done to the team!”

Mrs Perigo from Kensington School explained that she would like to set up a wider event amongst the British schools in the area, so this could be a brilliant opportunity for BSB students in the future! Ms Lough agreed: “This could be a fantastic link with other schools in the area, and would also be a fantastic activity for Sixth Form to mentor or coach with next year, as Kensington School would also like to set up more senior debates from older students.”

Congratulations Daniel, James and Frederik!!