Insightful A Level Geography Field Trip to Sitges

The BSB Geography team have been involved in several field activities this term. In late October fifteen Year 13 A Level Geography students took to the nearby Sitges to do a coastal management study as part of the core curriculum. Accompanied by Miss Girvan (Head of Geography) and Mr Kelly (Head of ICT), students had a full tour of the coast line in Sitges discussing the history, geography, political impacts that have shaped the coastal defences. They also carried out tests to see how successful these coastal defences are.

Miss Girvan explained, “Students need an in-depth case study for Coastal Environments – one of the 4 topics they cover at A Level. This allows them to use the Management at Sitges as their case study, but also enables us to bring the topic to life. So we look at all aspects of the Coastal Environment that we have covered through that topic. We also discuss the Tourism in the area as this relates to their topic on Global Interdependence that they cover later in the year.”

It was a busy day indeed: Students were guided through the history of the area by Mr Kelly, and Miss Girvan highlighted the geographical issues of the area. They researched the effectiveness of the Coastal Defences by measuring the height of sand trapped by the groynes and the direction of longshore drift. They also looked at the difference between constructive and destructive waves measuring the gradient of the beach at each.

Except that it rained all day, the students found this trip really insightful and helpful for their projects on Sitges as they wrote up a handout about the Coastal Management in Sitges after the trip. One student commented that she had learnt a lot about the town that she has grown up in that she did not know before.

“Our trip to Sitges enables the students to see first-hand how difficult a task it is to protect our coastlines. They are able to analyse the success of the defences in Sitges and discuss the different groups of people who have an opinion on the changes to the coastline that this has. I think it is beneficial to the students as they will remember this case study in detail to use in the exam, but it also enables them to investigate their own area in more detail”, Miss Girvan further developed.