Brilliant Start of the Bronze International Award Society


As every year, the BSB International Award Society is up and running and many activities and expeditions are already on their way.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is an amazing and a challenging experience for our young students who are required to work on a skill, a sport and a service every week plus complete two overnight expeditions to the mountains during the year.

As usual, we deliver the Award at Bronze level, to students in Year 10, and at Silver level, for Year 12 participants. The International Award Society is led by Mr Bower, Mr Oldfield and Mr Woodward, Biology and Maths teachers of the BSB.

The first cohort, thirty-three Year 10 students, participated in their first expedition in the Garraf mountains on the 12th and 13th November. For this two-day expedition 6 groups hiked from Olivella to Sitges on Saturday, then followed a circular path to Vilanova, finishing a total of around 25km at Sitges station on Sunday afternoon.

It was an incredible weekend for the children. The programme is meant to be a “do-it-yourself kit in the art of civilised living”, in its founders’ words, so students have to put into practice many teamwork and team/group leadership skills to keep going and reach their goals. For example, students had to cook their own food on stoves.

The second cohort have their practice expedition on the 11th and 12th of March and they are all looking forward to it!


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