BSB Students Play at Hellenic Centre, London

In mid-November four BSB Music students took part in a string orchestra exchange with Southbank International School, a Cognita school located in the heart of London. Southbank International School had already visited BSB back in March (see news) and this was our return trip organised by Mr Hebden (Director of Learning – Arts) and Ms Lewis (Violin teacher).

This was our first Music trip with students from the two campuses, Castelldefels and Sitges, and therefore an excellent occasion for students from the two sites to meet and share experiences. Anna (violin), Carlota (violin) and Richard (cello) from BSB Castelldefels and Sebastian (violin) from BSB Sitges stayed with a host family at Southbank and met up with the school string orchestra to perform as one big ensemble, which is an integral part of Music education.

During this four-day trip, our students participated in regular Music lessons, rehearsals and concerts. They could also see the culture of life (and school life) in the UK. Their concert programme included four performances in Southbank Secondary campus on Portland Place, a “formal” evening concert at the Hellenic Centre, and two concerts at Southbank’s Primary schools, one in Hampstead and one in Kensington. Despite this busy Music agenda, our students enjoyed an escorted bus tour of London, an organised social event with Southbank students at Kensington Campus, and a lunch at Pizza Express, which they loved, indeed!

Their repertoire was quite challenging and really appealing, featuring well-known film themes, such as The Lion King, Jaws, a love song from The Godfather and the Indiana Jones theme tune, which they played as a string orchestra with Southbank. The English audience also enjoyed Richard’s brave cello solo “scherzo” and a few solos by some students from Southbank.

“This was a really fun and rewarding experience for the students. BSB students from both Castelldefels and Sitges schools performed the ensemble pieces well and Richard was very brave volunteering to play a solo on the cello. The instrument lessons which we have in school and the links with the other schools in the Cognita group have made this type of trip possible. I am grateful of the host family in London who let our students stay with them. I am also grateful to Nicole Lewis, our violin teacher, and the staff and students of Southbank International School. I am looking forward to their second visit to the BSB in March 2017”, Mr Hebden, said.